B. Tech. (Civil Engineering)

Engineering has been an important aspect of life since the beginning of human civilization. Civil engineering is regarded as the mother of engineering and is one of the core and oldest branches of engineering. It was so named to distinguish it from military engineering. Civil engineering is the application of physical and scientific principles for solving the problems of society. Its history is closely linked to advances in human civilization and is basically related to the creation of various types of structures and maintenance. Lord Vishwakarma is worshiped as the creator of all structures in the prehistoric period. With this view, civil engineers are the Vishwakarmas of the present day. Civil engineering is a wide ranging profession, covering construction, designing, and maintenance of buildings, bridges, roads, dams, canals, irrigation, water supply system etc, and its history is linked to knowledge of structures, materials science, geography, geology, soils, hydrology, environment, mechanics and other fields.


Our vision is to become an institution of the excellence for providing quality education to civil engineers to help in the infrastructural development of the society and the nation.


Our Mission is to mold the students to become futuristic engineers, scientists, researchers, and innovators and to contribution to the society by creating necessary infrastructure in the field of construction of Rails, Roads, Irrigation, Water supply & Sewerage and Housing etc. by providing them quality education with theory and practice.

  • To provide quality education using latest teaching techniques in the technical education.
  • To provide practical education with the help of models and internet connected activities.
  • By providing practical training by site visits to understand the actual working at ongoing works.

Department Labs

Concrete lab

Fluid mechanics lab

Hydraulics lab

Road material testing lab

Material testing lab

Surveying lab

Geotech Engineering lab

Structure Engineering lab

Geology lab

Department Placements

SGI Civil Engineering Student placed in Nepal Surendera Group of Institutions, Civil Engineering Batch 2016 student Arjun Podal has been placed in ANK Construction Pvt. Ltd., Nepal as a Site Engineer. Congratulations ! Arjun.

Three got selection in Engineering Services 2 may 2015